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House KOCKA lies by the main road leading from the centre of Jezersko to Lake Planšarsko jezero. It is an ideal starting point for trips to the nearby mountains or to the lake and other points of interest in the surroundings.

Due to its unspoiled nature, Jezersko is a unique place in Slovenia, only 40 km away from Ljubljana. It is ideal for relaxing in peaceful surroundings with countless possibilities for hiking, biking, riding and other activities.

Day trips around Jezersko

A circular path connecting local sights of interest

  • The spring of the healing mineral water “Jezerska slatina” and its tasting
  • The Church of St. Andrew with beautiful frescoes that stands in a very special location
  • Šenkova homestead and tasting of a typical shepherds’ dish “masunjek”
  • Ethnographic museum Jenkova Barracks (in a building from the 16th century)
  • The circular path around the idyllic Planšarsko Lake

The total length of the undemanding walking path is 3 km. Leisure clothing and footwear recommended (tracksuit, sports shoes).

A theme path across the Ravenska Kočna valley

  • A guided theme path walk
  • The path includes: sight-seeing of the exceptional mountain scenery of the Kamnik Savinja Alps in the immediate vicinity, the source of the Jezernica brook, the Davo Karničar mountain centre, the only preserved glacier in Slovenia – the glacier under Mt Skuta, numerous plant and animal species, lake Planšarsko jezero

The total length of the unpaved road is 8.5 km, with a gradual 330 metres ascent. Hiking clothing and footwear recommended, including a wind jacket.

Furmans’ track (horse-drawn wagon track) from Zgornje Jezersko to Spodnje Jezersko includes:

  • a visit to the local cheese shop at the Karničar Eco Farm with cheese tasting
  • Viewing of the old church of St. Oswald with the oldest found frescoes in Slovenia
  • the site where layers of tufa, a variety of limestone formations, can be observed
  • a return route along the Kokra River gorge

The total length of the route is 6.5 km with a 150 m altitude difference.

Day trips around Slovenia

The main road from Jezersko takes us to the Jezerski vrh – Seebergsattel border crossing (1216 m), from where the road descends to Železna Kapla – Eisenkappel, Austria. Eisenkappel has a spa, known for its iron rich water, which has healing effects.

On the way from Jezersko (Seeberg) to Eisenkappel you drive across the mountain pass Pavličevo sedlo (Seeberg Saddle) to the valley ‘Logarska dolina’.

Bled, Bohinj, Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle, Ljubljana…


Throughout the year Jezersko is attractive for walks: Čedca waterfall, mineral water spring, limestone quarry, glacier under Skuta, Planšarsko Lake, Jenkova barracks, Zadnikar gallery, old church of St. Oswald, Hubert’s chapel…

Themed walking path

Among the most beautiful and the longest walks is a themed path leading to the valley of Ravenska Kočna. The trail is well maintained and marked with road signs, and there are benches along the path where hikers can get some rest. In winter, it overlaps with cross-country skiing trails, so hikers are requested to keep to the far edge of the groomed (packed) ski trails.

Circular path around lake Planšarsko

For shorter walks you can chose a circular path around lake Planšarsko and the ‘wreath formation’ of Ravne farms. You can park by the lake, go to the Church of Saint Andrew, and from there continue along the road past Šenk’s, Jenk’s and Kropivnik’s farms on the outskirts of Ravne meadows. The trail gets sunlight all day and is suitable for walks in all seasons.

From the centre to the old church

From the centre of Jezersko you can walk past the local school to the beautiful lookout at the old church of St. Oswald by the Karničar’s farm. The church, which was first mentioned in 811, overlooks the valley and offers beautiful views of the north wall of the Makekova Kočna mountain. At Karničar’s farm you can buy homemade organic products: wonderful homemade cheese, meat and dairy products, and eggs.

From the centre to lake Planšarsko

The trail leads past the municipal building called Storžič along a pleasant promenade with threes planted on both sides, and benches. When the promenade ends, you can turn right across Jezernica and walk along a gravel road to the junction where the footpath crosses the paved road to Lake Planšarsko. You can turn right here and continue to the lake through the woods or continue along the asphalt road to the destination.

To the Krtina partisan hospital

The trail leads from the village Bajt past the travertine quarry towards the Komatevra valley. At the indicated location, turn right and you will arrive to a field hospital set up by partisans on a barely accessible and steep slope in the last winter of World War II.

The hospital was restored to its original look in 1951, and now serves as a museum, with a number of original artefacts.

The path is safe to take only when there is no snow.


Jezersko with its pleasant climate and beautiful nature is an ideal destination for an active vacation – be it just a one day break, a weekend or a whole week.

In summer as well as in winter, you can make shorter or longer hiking trips to the surrounding hills and mountains. There are also plenty of walking paths suited for those less active or fit –walks around the lake, to the old church of St. Oswald (Sv. Ožbolt) or to the nearby spring of mineral water locally named ‘Ankova slatina’, and to the local waterfalls just a few minutes away from there.

Winter activities

Fifteen kilometres of carefully groomed ski tracks in the Ravenska Kočna valley with exceptional mountain ambience have persuaded many cross-country skiing fans in recent years. Tracks are suitable for all age categories and all types of cross-country skiers (for both, classic and skating technique), from the youngest and beginners to expert recreational skiers.


Sheep Ball (second Sunday in August) is the oldest Slovenian ethnographic event, which revives the lifestyle and customs of herdsmen and dairymaids. Organised by the local inn by the lake in co-operation with the Jezersko Tourist Society, the Jezersko Society of Culture & Arts and the Association of Jezersko and Solčava Sheep Breeders, the Sheep Ball is worth visiting. There you can see the return of sheep from their pastures in the mountains, a display of sheep shearing and wool processing, and you can also try traditional dishes.

The Jezersko Story – Two months of various summer events with ethnographic touches, taking place in Zgornje Jezersko (Upper Jezersko). We’ve preserved our identity and we wish to share it with you. We have prepared a variety of summer events which present an important link between the past and the present. The events are interesting and suitable for anyone who would like to know more about our history, ethnological heritage, nature, majestic mountains, farms, animals and local cuisine.
Jezersko is a valley under Grintovci that, in addition to the exceptional location, also features a unique dialect, which is preserved in Andrej Karničar’s book Jezerske štorije (The Stories of Jezersko). This way, the stories, legends, and memories of the events of everyday life, which have long been passed down through generations only by word of mouth, remain alive.

Welcome to the Jezersko Story 2019!